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Selective Products Sales Ltd are now able to offer another great service to our clients.

SPS Ltd is proud to be working with our Partners and our own SPS team experts within E-commerce Worldwide.

“Not only would we recommend having a strong presence on E-Commerce sites for the likes of Amazon and others within this marketplace, it is also imperative to the future success of any small or large

Amazon and others e-commerce sites only continues to grow and the propensity of global
consumers to look to Amazon and others to make purchases only continues to grow.
Amazon and other E-commerce sites are the future (if not the present),

Businesses will either adapt to
it or get left behind.”

We can take all the hard work away from you and set up your brand listing
and manage inventory, queries, customer reviews and drive sales
internationally, with our team of experienced

E-Commerce Selling Team


Selective Products Sales Ltd are also able to offer an introduction and service management for high street retail.

Our team of experts have vast reach within all product categories with an understanding on how each retailer works. 

We cover most countries including the USA - Australia - Africa - Across Asia - And the EU Market Place.

With having direct contact with the Head of Buying departments with each category we are able to approach the right buyer / team without  jumping through all the hoops needed to get to right person for that ALL important PO.  

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Product Management and Sourcing for TV Shopping Networks in UK









CEO: Lloyd Ashford-Thom

Phone: +44 (0) 1782-641254

Mobile: +44 (0) 7768631432