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 Offering high Quality Video Production for Television Broadcasting, Web & Other Multimedia Platforms. 


Providing    an Introduction to a Shopping TV Network

At Selective Sales Products Ltd we give you direct access to the decision-makers. After consultations, if we feel that you’ve got a viable product that has lots of potentials, we will ensure that you have the best access to our industry resources.

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What We Do
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  • Contact the right relevant decision-maker on your product category.
  • Arrange a face to face meeting providing a thorough product demonstration.
  • We will give you direct feedback from the initial consultation.
  • Arrange a follow-up meeting with you or your representative.


Account Management for Live TV

If all stakeholders agree that it would be worthwhile for us to manage your account, there are a number of options that SPS Ltd can do to push your product and your brand. In the initial stages, this will include supporting the product in initial consultations with key decision-makers and buyers. If discussions are successful, we will guide your products through all relevant departments and work with their creative teams on branding, logos and designs.

We will arrange an appropriate time slot where your product will be seen at its full potential by the right demographic on shopping TV networks. We’ll arrange product training and work in close cooperation with you through shows and network specials.

SPS Ltd also offers our customers Trade Show options with support with our presenters and demonstrations For more information about the work we do, please get in touch to find out more.







Format a Show for Live TV

When it comes to being featured on a live shopping channel, there are a number of services that we will provide to ensure that your product gets maximum exposure. Our presenters will work with you to create a storyboard to enhance your campaign, so that it will reach as many viewers as possible.

There are a number of approaches that can be utilised including specials deal days, product deals of the day or week / month. SPS Ltd will work in careful collaboration with you and the Shopping TV Network to find the optimum times that will get your product in front of the biggest audience.

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Helping Your Product Reach The Audience It Deserves

Our many years of experience working with retail products means we have cultivated extensive links with a number of proficient companies. We only work with the most capable of companies that can aid the development of Your Brand by creating flawless media work which will emphasise all the great features that your product (s) has.



 Web & Video Services

SIOTV are the industry experts in DRTV having been involved with many of the UK's biggest DR products and campaigns.  

They have the expertise to help you bring your product to TV and run a truly successful DRTV campaign. 

seen it on TV is a consortium of the industry’s leading consultants that have a successful track record of driving huge omnichannel revenues for some of the biggest names in both global and UK DRTV & Retail










Our many years of experience working with retail products mean we have cultivated extensive links with a number of proficient companies. We only work with the most capable of companies and can aid the development of your brand by creating flawless media work which will emphasise all the great features that your product has.

Stick Around Productions have worked in video content for many decades and are adept at generating imaginative ways to convey your message. We also regularly work with Digital Dog, who is a specialist in e-commerce. Their high-definition, ultra-crisp imagery will really emphasize the quality of your product and what it can do. We’ll help with a number of things such as concept ideas, advertising campaigns and photography, and by the end of it, your product will be totally optimised for product launch.



Sean Smiles owner of The Rocket Dog Photography has 30 years’ experience taking pictures for large and small companies.  Sean specializes in web photography and regularly flies out to Paris for YSL to shoot all their web pack shots.  He also is one of the countries top 360 photographers where products can be brought to life by being able to see every angle, giving the customer a true buying experience.

Web photography is an art, ensuring the product is true to life and not heavily photoshopped to ensure returns rates are kept to the very minimum. Colour matching due to professional lighting is a key focus.  The higher quality shots can significantly increase sales as customers scrutinize what they are seeing in front of them.

Some products benefit from lifestyle shoots, perfect for social media.  Seeing the products being worn or used in situ significantly stimulates customers spending.

Time Lapse, drone photography and small video clips are additional services on offer.






For more information about our presenters and  short form / long form VT for web  sand DRVT
for Commercial TV, get in touch.

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