Tim has been the main fitness guest on leading independent shopping channel, Ideal World, for more than 5 years. He is adaptable and diverse in his approach to different products from gym equipment through to outdoor leisure. If there is a product/event that involves getting outside, getting fit and getting healthy - Tim is your man! In addition to hundreds of live TV hours, Tim has also fronted pre-recorded fitness DVD’s, videos for online content and given health talks and demonstrations around the country.

Tim has a longstanding background in the fitness, health and wellbeing industry. Starting out as a Personal Trainer over 10 years ago, Tim has trained hundreds of people all over the world, including at Jason Vale’s renowned Juice Master Retreats in Portugal and Turkey.

Tim owns a hugely successful multi-functional training facility in Stamford, which has gone from strength to strength since opening its doors 3 years ago. As a result, Tim has a strong understanding of all types of fitness equipment and is extremely confident in being able to share the huge benefits of a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

Tim brings a high level of passion and sincerity to whatever he does, which is how he is able to build such a trusting relationship with viewers/customers. His clear, focused and concise presenting style is perfect for online products, live demonstrations, public speaking and pre-recorded videos.