Kris is a high energy, diverse, multi-skilled presenter with many hours of live TV presenting under his belt and most recently on Sky TV’s Psychic Today. Kris comes from a beauty retail management background with La Mer and has worked with British Airways as premium cabin crew, so Kris knows true luxury and how to pass that on to the customer. 
Kris is highly educated from the University of Chester with a 2.1 in Broadcast Presenting and Production and Kris got his first break on local TV with Made in Liverpool and with Capitol Radio Wrexham and various voice over gigs.
Kris’s past experience in retail and broadcasting brings such a unique quality in a presenter that will only benefits product sales and that true connection between your brand and new customers. Kris’s repetition as of the most hard-working presenters out there and having many years of presenting experience within live television and radio makes Kris and his presenting work a true glimmer of light.
To be able to bring a personality to a brand is what Kris lives and breathes and building a lasting connection with the audience around the world and bringing them new and exciting products is Kris’s true calling