Lucy was born and educated in Cambridge. After many years sailing on cruise ships, living in Miami, London and various places
in the south of England, Lucy is happy to now call Oakham in Rutland “home”, where she has lived for the last 5 years.
Born with an adventurous spirit, Lucy wasn’t content with a 9-5 existence, so when she spotted a marketing role advertised in
Aruba (she didn’t even know where it was!) she went for it, and much to her delight, got it. Lucy enjoyed island life for just over a
year and whilst there, she made a contact at Royal Caribbean International, who recruited her to go and work on their ships. It was only meant to be a 6- month contract, but Lucy enjoyed life at sea so much that she stayed for 9 years; as shore
excursion manager, port and shopping lecturer and art auctioneer.

It was during this time that she really honed her public speaking, TV and sales skills. After a brief spell living in Miami, Lucy moved back to the UK 13 years ago and continued her career in art, jewellery and more recently, home interiors, working for companies like
Halcyon Fine Art and Theo Fennell, which took her to interesting places such as the Middle East and Russia.
Becoming a guest expert has been a welcome surprise in Lucy’s career. Selling a brand in front of an audience is something she has always enjoyed, so when the opportunity presented itself, she jumped at the chance. Currently, she is the guest expert for many brand and wearable wellbeing brand and a jewellery brand, and has realised that having a diverse career definitely is an advantage, as she has discovered she knows quite a lot about a variety of things! BUT MOST OF ALL HIGH END JEWELLERY 
As well as working on live TV networks Lucy has become SPS Ltd's Jewellery Expert.