Product Management and Sourcing for TV Shopping Networks UK

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 Offering Short  Form / Long Form VT For Web  And DRTV   For
Commercial TV In Europe, North America And Asia


SPS Ltd    Can Provide the Total Product  Service

SPS Ltd can provide total product service for commercial DRTV short form and long form VT from start to finish. During initial consultations, we will need to assess if your product is viable for live shopping TV.

With over 30 years’ combined experience in retail, buying, live shopping TV and presenting; We have a comprehensive understanding of what products are best suited for commercial TV worldwide.

We’ll discuss the pros and cons of the product, how affordable the product is and the possible approaches we could take to maximize your sales.





Product Management and Sourcing for TV Shopping Networks in UK



Product Management and Sourcing for TV Shopping Networks in UK


Product Management

If during initial consultations, all parties agree that it would be profitable for us to manage your product, we would open an account. If you are new to a particular industry, you may benefit from our extensive experience. We’ll be able to support and guide you through all stages of your Brand and Product lifecycle and ensure that your product gets maximum exposure. Our strong relationships with key decision-makers, expert presenters and awesome multimedia companies mean that we can really give your product the best possible start.



Product Formulation

SPS Ltd will work with you developing the product to ensure that the branding is appropriate, the message is clear and it is ready to hit the market. SPS Ltd will accompany the product as it passes through all departments from Buying - to Live TV, including QA checks (packaging and certifications.) and Creative departments. Once this is complete, we will know that the product is consumer-ready. For further details about product formulation, sourcing shopping TV networks across Europe, North America and Asia, and don't forget we also offer Short Form / Long Form VT for your company website and DRVT for commercial TV, please contact us.

 Product Management and Sourcing for TV Shopping Networks in UK




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Web & TV Collateral

Preparing the product for commercial, video production and live TV is the next stage of the process. We will work in partnership with you to generate storyboards, scripting and multimedia that will make consumers sit up and listen. We’ll then need to identify the best times at which we can create the shows which will feature your product. We’ll create all of the essential props and generate demonstrations that will underscore just how valuable and desirable your product is.

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Live Presenting

The final task is to identify the most appropriate presenter for your product. SPS Ltd has a long list of presenters who are experts in each of their given fields. Every one of our presenters are enthusiastic, and personable and will extolling the virtues of your product and brand they will be presenting for you.

However, you may want to present your product yourself - We offer training to do so.

We will carefully prepare the presenter and run through the show so they know the best angles to push your product. For more details about our presenters click here




Service Providers for Voice Overs, Commercials and TV Live Shopping

Our dedicated presenters are proficient in creating all kinds of media work that will really showcase your brand. If you’re looking for assistance in voice-overs, commercials and TV Live Shopping contact us to find out more about our services for Sourcing Products For Shopping TV Networks Across Europe, North America And Asia, We Also Offer Short Form / Long Form VT For Web And DRVT For Commercial TV.


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